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Village Smedile
Santa Maria di Ricadi  (Capo Vaticano)
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The rocky promontory of Capo Vaticano is located in the town of Ricadi (VV)
At short distance from Tropea, on the tip of the beautiful promontory between the gulfs of Lamezia Terme and Gioia Tauro arises in the Tirreno southern that lengthens towards the Eolie is Capo Vaticano, one of the most beautiful place of the province vibonese.
Capo Vaticano, which falls within the territory of the municipality of Ricadi, can boast a sea of colors and transparency incredible, and coasts of rare beauty: immediately after Tropea there are the white beaches of the bays of Riaci and Formicoli, whose shoulders you silhouetted on a terrace of tufa, the small hamlet of Santa Sunday Ricadi; more, continuing southward, here there are the beaches of Torre Marino, Torre Ruffa, Tono and Tonicello, and then, overlooking the sea, the beautiful cliffs of Praia di Fuoco, full of caves and pretty coves, often accessible only by boat or pedal.
Here, where the steep rocky spurs fall to peak from a height of over 100 meters, just behind the hamlet of St. Nicolo of Ricadi, stands a lighthouse, whose light and' visible from a distance of 23 miles. Going more far where the slope is more softly, there are the charming bay Grotticelle, and Santa Maria, with the typical fishing village.
Beautiful finally, the seabed, where the game currents that cross off, coming from two gulfs, protects and nurtures a botanical heritage among the most varied and rich of the peninsula, we can call it the eighth wonder.

The tourism of Capo Vaticano.
The emigration has gradually depopulated this territory and wars have destroyed many young lives, and there is a big feel to restart to build a environment welcoming and prosperous. So on a country peasant civilization went growing a generation of small traders, engaged in services, which led obvious mutations in the structures, in the costumes, as well as in economic activities which in recent decades have developed mainly around tourism.. The old country of Ricadi is today a well-equipped modern town that values its natural position and tied with its fractions with fervent initiatives seeking to exploit some of the past with new knowledge and new opportunities of work and productivity. ( "Tourism is not only do diving, admire landscapes, monuments, city. And 'also come into contact with peoples and civilizations other than ours, understanding and, possibly, loving ." Giuseppe Berto).

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