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Village Smedile
Santa Maria di Ricadi  (Capo Vaticano)
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Lay down on the promontory on the basis of the plateau Poro, among Briatico and Tropea, whose summit was the name of Cape Vaticano (from here the name), Ricadi, has many archaeological finds come to light in various campaigns excavations. Prehistoric site, then Phoenician, Carthaginian, Locrese, of course of Rome, Byzantine and Norman, Saracens, who gave burned what they not brought forth, belonged to Anjou, the dukes of Aragon of France, and at the Bourbons.

Other historical facts can be found in places Formicoli (Forum Herculis, where the mighty god, returning from Spain with his herds, he found here abundant pastures), which was discovered a necropolis Byzantine and Brivadi resort, which boasts the same discovery and along the coastal stretch, which has sighting towers against Turkish incursions.
Ricadi and Capo Vaticano, corners of the most evocative of all Calabria, where you can admire the Eolie islands, is known destination for tourists who love serene holiday, in the middle of a nature rich in fruit trees, made of sun, sea clean , beaches of fine white sand, blacks rocks, accepted in the numerous campings equipped, houses and hotels. To visit the town of Ricadi:
You can visit in Brivadi the tower "Marrana" now reduced to a simple turn wall.

It received signals of nearby tower "Ruffa" and sent them to other towers along the coast prepared for them finally to arrive at Castello di Monteleone, today Vibo Valentia.
The Museum of CiviltÓ Contadina (civilization peasant), preserves materials of civilization peasant and working tools used in the fields.
A Lampazzone you can see, still working, a water mill built in 1700.
The owner, Mr. Giuseppe Rizzo, is available to see the grinding just as was done once.
The mill can be visited from 1 June to 30 September, in the days Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm..

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Capo Vaticano
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