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Village Smedile
Santa Maria di Ricadi  (Capo Vaticano)
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Tropea, wonderful Calabrian town in the province of Vibo Valentia, elected the pearl of the Mediterranean, lies halfway between Nicotera and Pizzo Calabro, the two towns bordering the "Coast of the Gods" or "Costa Bella." The two names are to show the wonders that this stretch of coast is able to offer those preparing to visit. Joppolo, Coccorino, Ricadi, Capo Vaticano, Zambrone, Parghelia and Vibo Marina are other beautiful places on the coast. Contains between its walls, a romance and a unique charm, waiting to be discovered. Very impressive, offers a beautiful glance if a view from above. The seaport is an architectural jewel that can contain over 300 boats. Il seafront with hotels, restaurants and shops. Inside, its narrow alleys, Tropea hidden treasures delightful as courtyards of houses and many portals worked by hand.

Tropea is located on a promontory overlooking the sea, is known for its crystalline waters and white sandy beaches. Over to superb coasts, in Tropea is possible to visit an elegant historic centre which still has intact urban structures of the previous centuries is also possible to admire the Norman cathedral which owns important works of art. The town also has several homes patrician decorated in Gothic styles. Tropea bases its origins in civilization remote, from the Normans colonization, to the Roman domination, making it a small town of territorial extension, but with great spirit of nobility.

The purpose of Tropea. is to present the coastal sites, but also those in the hinterland, making it familiar places,of art, culture and cuisine, which has always characterized the place, with essential information and the right position so who decides to visit this wonderful area can know in advance the places and landscapes to visit..

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